About us

About Us

The first online dealer of oil and gas material Building a square of suppliers, clients, inspection and transportation companies, our website has established the most perfect supply chain of oil and gas materials.
Thanks to the comprehensive connections with domestic and foreign suppliers plus domestic manufacturers, our website has built a vast market for domestic clients. The primary stage of supply is to get the list of available goods and material from each vendor in excel format, just as simple as registering goods and materials in the website.
Purchasers and clients can easily submit their list of required items and order them by delegation the supply process to website. It should be mentioned that no wages will be charged from either sides.
Following the registration, the most valid vendor having the lowest price and nearest location will be selected and their up-to-date technical and commercial offers will be given to the client. After clients approval on technical and commercial offers, the goods and material will be brought into the purchasing process. Due to our strong relation with third party inspection companies, valid certificates will be issued for all requested goods and materials.
After receiving the valid inspection certificates and charging the relevant amounts directly to the suppliers account, the transportation of goods will be undertaken by the valid transportation companies and final acceptance will be obtained from the client.  
The structure of auction is firstly to submit the list of auctioned items by vendor to the website.
The next stage is to perform necessary inspections and issuing the inspection certificates and after identifying the basic price and due date, the auctioned items will be showed in the website.
Customers will also have the option of viewing personally the auctioned items. After announcing the proposed prices, the website begins to survey the proposals and selects the highest price.
In this stage, the selected customer will be introduced to vendor and the amounts will be directly charged into vendor's account and the items will be delivered to the customer.